Monday, 28 November 2011

Guest Post Series: Depression and Other Important Topics

Jo Puggioni from Princess Warrior Lessons is hosting a collection of guest bloggers over the Australian summer period.  Topics such as biblical beauty, motherhood, homeschooling, grief and loss (miscarriage, death), faith, His (God's) love, grace and depression will be covered. I hope to share the majority here, especially if the post links to the writer's journey with depression and/or anxiety.

To start the guest post ball rolling, Jo featured me and a post I wrote earlier this year about using depression as a cop out. You can find that post, titled "Using Mental Illness as a Cop Out" here. It was written at a time when I was having problems with a person whom I had to deal with every day. It's written raw and from the heart and I hope that it blesses you!

The next guest post is by the delightful Stacey Clark from Western Australia and the title tells what it's about - "How creativity can improve your mental health".  It is an open and honest post and one that I can relate to given that I've just returned to painting and drawing after a 25 year absence.  I've found that my depression/anxiety has eased off due to spending time creating, and that I only ever have down moments when I'm either tired or the "good old" female hormones are running their course.  Stacey talks in depth about her journey and how being creative has helped her immensely. You WILL be blessed by Stacey's post. Make sure you follow her for regular inspirational posts.

If, while reading this, feel a desire to share your story with depression and/or anxiety, please contact me at Your story WILL bless others! 

Please continue to check back here, and over at Princess Warrior Lessons, for more guest posts!

Paula C. Whitehouse for A Scarlet Rope of Hope

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