Thursday, 2 June 2011

What Does the Bible Say About Depression?

So...what does the Bible say about depression? I bet this is one question that you've asked yourself if you're living with depression or know of someone who is. Personally, I have asked.

It's comforting to know that despite the human condition and the likelihood of depression, it is something that has been around since creation. has an answer to this question, and also to the question of "how can a Christian overcome depression?"

"Answer:  Depression is a widespread condition, affecting millions of people, Christians and non-Christians alike. Those suffering from depression can experience intense feelings of sadness, anger, hopelessness, fatigue, and a variety of other symptoms. They may begin to feel useless and even suicidal, losing interest in things and people that they once enjoyed. Depression is often triggered by life circumstances, such as a loss of job, death of a loved one, divorce, or psychological problems such as abuse or low self-esteem."

Read the full article here at  Also check out more answers to questions on both depressionanxiety, and anti-depressants.

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