Sunday, 5 June 2011

Macho men opening up about depression: Researchers has released an article on how men deal with depression.

Men are becoming more willing to talk about emotional problems like depression, but many refuse to seek help in the form of medication, say researchers who are looking into how ideas about masculinity are affecting male health.

Several studies are being done by researchers at the University of British Columbia.

"We're looking at men's health in a new way, by trying to understand some of men's health behaviour in relation to masculinity," Joan Bottorff, a professor in UBC's school of nursing, said Thursday.

"It provides a different way of looking at men's health and therefore opens up some new avenues for promoting men's health."

Depression, heart health, quitting smoking and sexual health are four areas of research being examined at a forum Friday as part of UBC's Celebrate Research Week. The researchers all work at UBC's school of nursing.

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Paula C. Whitehouse
for A Scarlet Rope of Hope

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