Saturday, 30 April 2011

Book Review: Unveiling Depression in Women

The journey through depression is a difficult one. Isolation, confusion and helplesness are but three conditions that a depressed woman (or man) has to contend with. A very useful resource that can help a depressed woman, or one suffering from anxiety, is this book - "Unveiling Depression in Women: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Depression" by Archibald Hart PhD and Catherine Hart Weber PhD.

During my journey through depression I have experienced all of the above conditions and more. I've documented some of my journey here on my personal blog page but I'm yet to overcome depression. But I will! I will conquer depression, and that day will be soon! This book, even though I am still on my journey of recovery, has blessed me greatly. Not only have I read new information, but I've also discovered that the steps I've taken in dealing with my depression have been the right ones!

The book is split into four parts - Understanding Depression in Women; Causes of Depression in Women; Getting Help and Healing Depression; and Strategies for Overcoming Depression. There is also a Resources section that is very useful.

Drs Hart and Hart Weber share with the reader that depression can be dealt with and overcome. They discuss how to recognise depression, risk factors, depression and the life cycle, counselling, antidepressant and complementary therapies and strategies for recovery. There is also a chapter for loved ones so they can understand and learn how to care for a woman who is depressed.

As Christians, they deal with the spiritual side of depression and offer prayers for healing, such as:

"Thank you, God, for the hope and promise of my healing. I know that you desire that I am well in my body, mind, and emotions." - Prayer inspired by Jeremiah 30:17

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to anyone who is suffering from depression (and/or anxiety) or has a loved one who is journeying through it.

The book is available from Amazon.

Paula C. Whitehouse
for A Scarlet Rope of Hope

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